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Online Customized Cake Delivery In India

Order all kind of customization in your cake at cakes2home.com

When you want your cake in certain way and could not find it anywhere, drop in at cakes2home.com. We are to produce your favorite cake in whatever form and flavor you have imagined. You have tasted this weird cake somewhere and want to reproduce that memory, just give us your guidelines and we would produce that cake for you. With years of experience we have come across a wide variety of cakes and cake choices from different customers and thus can say that we know what you need, all you need to trust us. Just read our customer review once and you will see how big our satisfied customer family is. Order cake online at cakes2home.com
To order your customized cake, however weird and wild it is, all you need to do follow the steps of customization on our website. You need to first tell us the base that you need, then the frosting and color of your cake and at the last we come to the design part. Mostly people who come to us come for customization of the design of the cake. sometimes they need some creatures on their cake or need their cake shaped in certain manner or want certain message to be printed on it. This is what most customizations come in. But we want to tell you that we can go a lot further into it when it comes to customization. We have also produced cakes flavors that taste like rasgullas and ras malais on our customer’s request. So, don’t hesitate and tell us your cake dreams and our chefs will work on it to produce exactly what you need. We do all kind of midnight cake delivery right at your door step.

Cakes2home specialize in producing customized cakes for kids’ birthday parties and weddings.

Our customized cakes most often go into special birthday parties and mostly in weddings. We also specialize in producing totally customized and personalized wedding cakes. You can make it as tall as you want and have whatever motif on it, and you can even choose the color and design of the cake to suit theme of your wedding and we shall deliver it. For this is what we live for, to produce the cake that our customers want and need. Send cake online anywhere by placing an order on cakes2home.com

Cakes at cakes2home.com are known for the best taste, whatever customization you add to them.

While we work the customization and design part of your cake, we do not compromise on its taste. And you will still get the best taste, that juicy, soft and crumbly cake in your every bite. So, our customized cake at one hand where they please your eyes, they will not upset your taste buds for which we are known amongst our customers. We have wide assortment of online cakes on cakes2home.com.

We have wide assortment of flavors and designs to choose from for your customized cakes.

We produce customized cake for every occasion like your baby’s first birthday, or your first anniversary, new year celebration, women’s day celebration, Father’s Day celebration, etc. and in any flavor like chocolate base, fruit cake, black forest base or strawberry base or any base you have in your list. We also make cake bases depending on your taste preference, like some of your friend like mints a lot, then we can customize your cake base to have a sweet minty flavor and so on. Easy and efficient online cakes delivery at cakes2home.com