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Get fast cake delivery from our assortment of fruit cakes and fresh fruit cakes

The perfect identity of a classic fruitcake is that it is made from unsweetened dry fruits and is full of flavor and festiveness when you put it into your mouth. Fruit cake embarks the festive season and holidays perfectly. It is a holiday staple of all households especially around the Christmas season. Fruitcake from Cakes2Home is one of the best fruit cakes that you would have had in your lifetime. Assortment of online cakes delivered to your home.

Get that taste in every bite of our online cake delivered right at your doorstep

Our fruitcakes are rich, moist and crafted to perfection. The secret to these perfectly mellowed fruit cakes is the prized recipe that have been handed down from generations to generation which includes a secret method of aging and glazing the cake to get that perfect crumble when you put it into your mouth. Our fruit cakes are special blend of sun-dried raisins, dates, candied pineapples and cherries to produce that unforgettable taste. With cakes2home you get Online cake delivery right at your doorstep.

Get fruit cakes that remain fresh for days while you relish them, delivered online

Our fruit cakes are specially packaged in tin to get that paper-thin perfect slices all the time and every time. This also tends to keep the cake fresh for days without letting it dry off by meeting air. The tin packaging also allows the cake loaf to remain in perfect size and shape to make it easy to consume. Order cake online to get the delivery at your specific date and time.

Relish the fruit cake that was crafted with years of experience and absolute craftmanship

To craft this cake, we first prepare the fruit cake batter by mixing all the dry and wet ingredients. This batter is full of fruit pieces and flavors of raisins. Then we pour this batter into the loaf pan which is lined with the parchment paper to avoid the batter sticking to the tray and let the cake slide out without much effort after baking it. We then bake this cake by intricately placing it into the oven and let it sit before we place then into individual loafs. Send cakes online to make every occasion special for your loved ones.

Get fresh fruit cakes that helps you relive your childhood memories with every bite

We also have an assortment of fresh fruit cakes to make your mouth water and get a fruity treat. This includes fruit and nut cake, fresh mixed fruit cake, fruit fresca, heart shaped fruit cake, kiwi mélange cake, chocolate fruit cake and fruity delight customized for special occasions. You experience the taste of fruits in every bite of our cakes. We deliver cakes online which is fast and accurate. Our fresh fruit cakes are also known for the intricately crafted strawberry cream that come laden between the layers of our cakes. When you put it into your mouth the cream and caramelized strawberries melts into your mouth leaving a sweet after taste. We do all kind of midnight cake delivery.

Cakes2Home prepares your Fruit Cakes in a high-grade facility and delivers it online to your door step

We have a high-grade facility which follows all the norms of preparing the cakes with hygiene and cleanliness. Our modern facility is all sanitized and do not allow any impurities to enter the facility. People here are professionals who comply with producing the cakes and other things with high degree of sanitization. Our facility is equipped with all modern cooking gadgets and allow us to do Cake Delivery Online at your door steps.