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Buy Traditional Red Velvet Cake at Cakes2Home.com

Up for a moist chocolate flavor dipped in white cream cheese, then Red Velvet Cake is for you. This classic cake comes in variety of shape and colors to satisfy your palette. Traditional Red Velvet cake do not use the food color to make the cake red, rather stays with the true color of cocoa which is a bit reddish brown color. This cake has more of a velvety texture due to the special kind of cream cheese that is used to layer the cake and it tastes so heavenly that it calls for on Red Velvet cake in every special occasion. Order cake online with cakes2home.com

What’s so special about Red Velvet Cakes at Cakes2Home.com

Our Red Velvet cake is soft and velvety in texture, just like you have ever tasted in any top fine bakery and it is topped with loads of soft cream cheese frosting. This is not yet another chocolate cake with red food color, it is known for its special velvet like texture and the chocolate used in this cake is lot milder than one in classic chocolate cake. You can say that Red Velvet cake is a cross between a vanilla cake and chocolate cake. Cake Delivery Online with cakes2home.com

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with our specially curated Red Velvet Cake

This cake due to its special texture and taste is quite popular to embark special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The cake become quite popular during the Valentine's day celebration. Due to its red and white culture, it is quite a piece which express the love well. We cater online cake delivery across India.

Get your Red Velvet Cake for any and every occasion at Cakes2Home.com

We have Red Velvet Cakes of all kinds and for every occasion. We curate special Red Velvet cakes for Valentines day's celebration which include our special cakes like Velvety Affair Cake, Red Velvet Heart shaped cake, Chocoholic Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Fruit Red Velvet Cake, Benevolent Red Velvet Cake, Radiant Bliss Red Velvet Cake and many more. If you wish to customer your red velvet cake, then we can also curate that cake for you. All you need to do is dial our number and tell us your requirement and your place and date of cake delivery. And we will keep your commitment and will deliver it. Get your online cake with cakes2home.com

Get Freshly Prepared Red Velvet Cakes at your door step

Our cakes are prepared in clean and well sanitized environment. The chefs are specially trained to make every cake a piece of art. They balance the taste and aesthetics of a cake so that the cake is not only pleasing to the eyes but also meets your taste buds. We prepare and send fresh cakes to your location which are prepared on the day when it needs to be delivered. Get your midnight cake delivery with cakes2home.com

Never falter on your surprise with Cakes2Home.com by your side

You can get our cake delivered any where across the country. And it’s a record that we have not faltered even once in our delivery. If you have a specific time for delivery, then our cakes will be delivered just on time to your prescribed location. With us you do not have to worry anymore about the surprise that you have planned for your loved ones, because we will never let you fail. We are known for our commitment and customer satisfaction. Send cake online with cakes2home.com