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Choose the most popular and widely acceptable flower of the bunch in form of roses from cake2homes.com to showcase your love

Roses are one of the oldest form of flowers which people use to exchange to showcase their love and warmth. They have history which strides back 5000 years in China, where its cultivation started in form of a real market product due to increase in its demand. Roses with time have become so popular, that they have a day dedicated to them, that is Rose Day. Rose day is resemblance of how important this flower to showcase your love to your special one. Though mainly red roses are significant on this date but people in general also pick other colors to celebrate their friendship and the bond they share. Each color of a rose depicts an emotion and have some significance. It also imparts the importance of that person’s presence in your life. You only gift a rose when you mean it, or else people go with other variety of flowers from cake2homes.com. Seamless flower delivery online only with cake2homes.com

Send special valentine’s day roses with cake2homes.com

Valentine’s week is the time of roses. They float across the globe from one person to another as a symbol of love. They are high on demand at that time. And when this love is in the air, you want to choose nothing but the best for your loved ones. We at cake2homes.com have a wide variety of red roses arrangements available with us. They come in all forms and shapes and we also have cheaper versions to suit your pocket size, for nobody should be constrained in showcasing their love just because of their budget. We have especially curated heart shaped flower arrangement with all red flowers in it for your special occasion, which is quite popular on rose day and valentine’s day. Another popular item that we have in our basket are everlasting roses. These come in beautiful acrylic boxes and lasts up to more than 2 years, resembling your love and care for them.

Pick a color to showcase your emotion when you send flowers from cake2homes.com

Roses are segregated in their colors and at cake2homes.com, we have a wide variety of colors available with us. Each resembles an emotion. While red is for compassion and love your share with your closed ones, you can send white roses when you wish to cherish the spiritual bond between the two of you. Yellow roses are for friends who are closest to your heart, but you don’t share a love arrangement with them. Pink is the color of sweet emotions and resembles the subtle and quite bond that you two share without any wildness in it. Orange roses are to represent your desire and pride. If you wish to send any flower to people like your employees, then orange is the best color to choose to keep them motivated and embark the achievements they were part of. We also have black roses to send to your ex, in order to express the end of your relationship. People tend to send blue roses to their loved ones who are inseparable from them and green roses to people to which them speedy recovery from their illness. Flowers Delivery Same day made possible with cake2homes.com